Higgins & Associates, CPA Inc.

Kelly E. Higgins

Certified Public Accountant

Kelly E Higgins, formerly known as Kelly E Dobbins, brings with her over 25 years of extensive experience in public accounting, tax services and financial consulting.  Her experience includes a broad range of industries, including agricultural, construction, retail, and service.  Kelly is licensed by both the California State Board of Accountancy and the Oregon Board of Accountancy.

Kelly is a participant in the American Institute of Public Accountants Peer Review program and has without exception has received clean reviews.  She is a member of both the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) and the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA). 

e-mail:  kelly@cpa-now.com 

Jaycee Dobbins

Administrative Assistant

Jaycee has been with our firm as an administrative assistant for 10 years. At Higgins & Associates, she is involved in the day to day organization of the office.  She has provided support for all firm employees and is always ready for any task whether large or small.  

e-mail:  jaycee@cpa-now.com 

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Vada Sutfin

Payroll Manager

Vada joined our firm in 2012 with a complete background in public relation.  She is responsible for implementation and management of our payroll service division. 

e-mail:  vada@cpa-now.com

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Michele Gupton

Office Administrator

Michele joined our firm in July 2016. 

e-mail:  michele@cpa-now.com